January 2018 Update

As I write this article there is snow falling outside and I’m in a warm house. There are many not as fortunate as I. For the month of January your donations have helped 40 men and 25 women who were much less fortunate. Without our volunteer staff and donations by others, these 65 souls would have been on the streets in January. ┬áVolunteers and donations are essential for us to stay open.

men's & women's TV

We’ve transitioned off cable TV! Through numerous generous donations from our benefactors of:

  • 2 High Definition TV’s each with an HD receiver
  • 2 good quality antennas and all supporting “glue” required make the system operational.

The transition away from cable was a bumpy ride. Initially, we had the old CRT TVs on the men’s and women’s side each requiring converter boxes (donated thank you Lord). One converter initially used on the women’s side, failed after a short time. A benefactor stepped forward and donated an HD TV for the women’s side and we were up and running again. We were ready to insert the second donated converter box on the men’s side for their CRT TV when a second benefactor stepped forward and donated an HD TV! God’s grace is amazing and never outdone as we have seen numerous tune at the little portion friary. We pray for our benefactors that God ‘s grace be poured out upon them.

I work the evening shifts and remind the guests as they turn on the TV to pray for those who have donated. Finally being off cable TV reduces our operational costs hence makes your donations more effective.