House Rules

While residing at LPF all guests are required to follow these rules:

  • Remain faithful to commitments made upon admission and during the weekly interviews: e.g., to attend programs or meetings, see counselors, etc…
  • Check the list of assigned chores the evening before. If you have a chore be sure it is done at the correct time and according to the instructions provided. It is the expectation that all guests will share in keeping the house clean.
  • Keep your room clean, make your bed, put away clothes, and pick up any items on the floor (see the list in your room). On Mondays, strip the bed of linen and put it with a towel and facecloth in the designated containers on the first floor.
  • NOTIFY a staff person whenever you leave or return to Friary.
  • When leaving in the morning, notify staff whether you will be eating supper at the Friary or not. If you are working (with written verification) arrangements can be made to save supper until 9 PM.
  • Residents are prohibited from being anywhere on the property between 9 AM until 4 PM. daily.
  • Residents are required to meet regularly with a staff member to discuss their goals and progress plans.
  • Honestly follow the Friary schedule.

Guests will be asked to leave for any of the following:

  • Using or possessing alcohol or drugs on or off the property.
  • Guests may be breathalyzed and/or tested for drugs.
  • Smoking anywhere inside the shelter. Guests may step outside to smoke at designated times.
  • Fighting with, or being abusive toward a guest or staff person.
  • Failing to return to the Friary by 10:00 PM every night. (The only exception is for the guest who must work late, has notified staff ahead of time, and brings back written proof of the hours worked.)

Guests will be asked to leave if they have any of the following items in their possession:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Pornography, “adult” or indecent material.
  • Gambling