March 2018 Update

For the month of March, we had a surprise plumbing bill which really humbled us. The main sewer pipe from the friary to the street was plugged or crushed. The plumbers were called and after approximately 14 hours they once again had the water running. Think of it, you have 29 guests at your house and no water! You must ask them to go elsewhere if they need to use water! The dishes piled up, the laundry was halted, no showers, no water use through that evening and night! Yes, this started in the afternoon. So the next morning the volunteers were doing dishes and laundry for what seemed an unending task! We were humbled but we also were allowed to serve those in much greater need than us.

We continue to make the most of each donation through optimizing our phone, TV and cable plans. We have moved off cable TV and phone service and are now down to a minimum internet service. Our female engineer still wishes to optimize this solution further! She currently has reduced the monthly bill from a business service phone, TV, and internet costing $200/Mo down to a $50/mo bill.  She wants to achieve a $15/Mo plan in the hopes of making each donation count.

For March your donations have helped 47 men and 18 women who were much less fortunate. Without our volunteer staff and donations by others, these 65 souls would have been on the streets in March.  Volunteers are greatly needed and donations are essential for the Friary to stay open.