April, May & June 2018 Update

For the months of April, May, and June the friary has been running smooth thanks to God’s help. There has been the occasional guest asked to leave but there have been many success stories. One success story is Ryan, he came to the friary with a dependency (i.e. alcohol, drugs, gambling…). Most of our guests have a dependency and while at the friary they struggle to lose this. They know they must not be using while at the friary or they risk losing their bed.

Now back to Ryan, I was walking through my neighborhood which God alone has allowed me to live in. It’s in an affluent area in Clarence. ¬†As I was walked my grandchildren to a park a person working on a house waved to me and I waved back. After playing at the park we returned passing the house. This time the fellow came out and greeted me. It was Ryan, He was installing hardwood floors in the house. He told me, he is still struggling but with God’s help, he is making it each day. He has faith, he has an apartment, he has a car, he has a job, but the greatest of these is his faith. This faith will carry him as it should carry us through the difficult times. On parting, he told me God is good and my reply as all of ours should be is “ALL THE TIME”. I thank God he has allowed me to see Ryan to affirm my faith and I hope this short letter affirms your faith that God is helping through his works at the friary.

Your donations the past months have helped men and women who are much less fortunate. Without our volunteer staff and donations from others, these souls would have been on the streets.  Volunteers are greatly needed and donations are essential for the Friary to stay open.

The homeless guests of the friary are as follows:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Male 37 53 47 35 29 24
Female 20 21 18 13 21 17
Veterans 2 7 5 6 3 2