August 2018 Update

During the month of August, we were closed for much needed cleaning and repairs. In addition to carpet shampooing by Ron Karwik and Chris Cammarano, freezer and kitchen cleaning by Sr. Barbara and friends, curtain cleaning, ironing and hanging by Ann Hulbert and friends and many signs made and upgraded by Barb, we had four groups help.

In the first week, two 12 member groups from M&T Bank did the initial cleaning of 16 bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, the kitchen, the front office, cut the grass, trimmed hedges and more.

For the 12th consecutive year, the NYSDOT sent volunteers on the United Way Day of Caring. About 11 came and painted the black iron gates on the driveway, did extensive grounds keeping, started repair of the 1st floor men’s bathroom ceiling (installed the replacement ceiling board), cleaned baseboard heating units, painted the shed and back door and frame, built a shelf for the dirty linen container closet.

They were assisted by 9 volunteers from Watts Architecture and Engineering firm.

On August 18th, for maybe the 6th year, 20 folks from St. Mary’s Parish in Swormville came. They painted the women’s bathroom metal dividers, continued the repair of the men’s bathroom ceiling (plastering around the new board), identified unusable vacuum cleaner supplies and cleaned and repaired vacuums, caulked around showers, painted the front office, cleaned and flushed roof gutters and downspouts, blew out all dryer vent hoses, checked all lights and replaced bulbs, checked and tightened all loose furniture parts, did touch-up painting of baseboards and door frames and miscellaneous cleaning. This photo is from 2017 but a lot of the same people came.

At the end of the month, 5 members of the Erie County Sheriff’s Service Action Corps came on three separate days to finish up projects. They primed and painted the new bathroom ceiling, replaced a worn entrance stair and supports, cut and trimmed the grass, finished cleaning the men’s bathrooms, scrubbed all the tile floors, did touch-up painting, and moved a lot of furniture back.