September 2018 Update

For the month of September, the Friary doors were once again opened to the homeless. We started at 9:00 AM on September 10th, and by 1:00 PM we were full! Your donations have helped 29 men and 14 women this month who were much less fortunate. Without our volunteer staff and donations by others, these 43 souls would have been on the streets in September. Volunteers are greatly needed, and donations are essential for the Friary to stay open.

A safety concern was risen by a volunteer after bikes were stolen from the friary. Some of the outside lighting did not work. Several of the bulbs used outside are being phased out, and they are not easy to find. We were able to locate these bulbs, and purchase them for a fraction of the cost since they were on clearance! All of the dead blubs have been replaced, a halogen light was installed to light the bike lockup, and a LED light was installed at the entry. Thank you Lord. Also, a big thanks goes out to the volunteers who purchased and installed the new lights.  For now our main focus is replacing bulbs and updating the system when possible. For the long term, we would like to replace these with LED lights which have a higher upfront cost but are more efficient to run.

Thomann asphalt and paving has offered to repave the friary’s parking lot. This would not have been possible considering the limited finances of little portion friary. We are thankful for this generous offer and will keep all beneficiaries and volunteers in our prayers.