December 2018 Update

For the months of November and December  the Little Portion friary server 46 and 55 guests respectively. In November we served 33 male and 13 females guests.  In December we served 46 male and 12 females guests. Of these guest 2 were veterans in both November and December. Without the help of volunteers such as cooks who offer their time, talents and sometimes their own food we would not be able to feed the homeless a breakfast and a warm meal at night.

Many volunteers made a difference in the lives of the homeless this month. These included  handmade blankets from high schools. Volunteers who really extended themselves working on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.   We should all be thankful for the many people we have in our lives. Many of the homeless at little portion friary were not as fortunate and were limited to the volunteers who extended themselves to serve at the Friary this Christmas.

One volunteer who made a difference this month was Collette. She brought her homemade cookies in with homemade frosting and other cookie decorations. Each guest decorated their cookies. Some said they were going to take these to their children. We hope and pray some relationships were mended through her efforts. Below are some pictures of the occasion.

We continue to correct the outdoor lighting situation or lack of this month. The front of the friary is now very well lit with a LED which completely illuminates the front lawn. LED flood lights with dusk to dawn sensors have been installed in the back of the friary. We are now down to 2 portions of the friary not lit at night. We hope to complete these the first part of next year.  

Volunteers are greatly needed to cover shifts and donations are essential for the Friary to stay open. Please consider volunteering.