December 2019 Update

This last year we have had our fill of trials and many joyous occasions. A very thankful occasion occurred this year as Thomann Asphalt and Paving paved our side lot and removed a tree stump. The tree stump was over 4 ft in diameter which limited the parking and caused a hazard when walking. It is now a nice level parking lot for our volunteers.

The august shutdown occurred as always and we are thankful for the DOT, M&T and the many others who volunteered their time in August to refurbish the friary for the upcoming year.

For trials we had many but the top one had to be the plumbing we again are thankful to our plumbers who have volunteered and corrected numerous problems in the archaic plumbing at the friary.

We opened September 9th this year and were full by the 2nd day. This year as of 10/29/2019 we have served 380 and placed 54 in housing with jobs and/or assistance as needed.

Thank you to all who have donated their time and/or financial means to support the friary

Thanks and
God Bless