Vote LPF the Best Charity

I want to introduce you to an amazing nonprofit integral to the Buffalo community. Little Portion Friary serves as a homeless shelter for Buffalo’s most needy residents. They provide linkages to essential resources including social services, financial benefits, health care, mental health, addiction, and housing services. All guests (we recognize the human dignity of each person and treat them as if they are a guest in our own home) stay in 2-3 person bedrooms (not one large room with bunks or cots that are unsafe or noisy or where you are in fear of losing your only belongings). They are served breakfast, a lunch to take with them if they are working and a hot home-cooked meal served family-style around the dining table. Guests even have the luxury of relaxing in front of the television in one of the living rooms or even playing board games, cards or settling into a good book. Laundry is even provided for the guests by the volunteers. They maintain a clothes closet for those that come with little to nothing on their back or those who might even need something to wear for an interview.

What’s even more unique is that LPF is all volunteer-run, with no paid staff and they receive no government funding. Operating and costs associated with the care of the guest are provided by the sole generosity of others through food/clothes donations and monetary contributions. Without your support and without the funds to operate they can not provide these essential services. 

Please vote LPF as the best charity in the Cellino Plumbing Truck Wrap contest to identify the best charity in Buffalo. A substantial monetary donation will be made to the winning charity. LPF can get a month of advertising and a very large monetary donation.

Let’s vote Little Portion Friary the best charity in Cellino Plumbing Truck Wrap contest. Vote now until March 12.

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